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QUIESST held its first Workshop


On 11 November 2010, QUIESST held its first workshop. The event took place in Dortmund (Germany), in the framework of the Lärmschutz 2010 Conference, an international fair that takes place every two years and is attended by stakeholders from all over Europe with a focus on noise barriers.

The QUIESST Workshop constituted a unique opportunity for noise experts and industry representatives to have updated information on the status of the project and its future developments. Ir. Jean-Pierre Clairbois, QUIESST coordinator, chaired and opened the event by presenting  an overview of the different Work Packages. Mr Clairbois then presented some Work Packages in more detail.  His presentation was followed by Ir. Marco Conter, from AIT (WP 4 leader), who gave an overview of the state of the art, scope and structure of the QUIESST Database of the test results, taking into account different European NRDs types.

Dr. Crina Oltean-Dumbrava, from the University of Bradford Centre of Sustainable Environments (WP6 leader), delivered an interesting presentation on the Sustainability of Noise Reducing Devices, which is an important and new aspect of the project. After presenting  a review of current practices and  following primary research, she explained that the questionnaires circulated among interested stakeholders to evaluate their knowledge and practice of sustainability, underlined the lack of awareness in all the phases of the project/product life-cycle (design, construction, installation, maintenance/repair, dismantling/demolition and transport).

Ir. Giovanni Brero, from ACAI (contributor to WP6) presented information about the European Noise Barrier Federation (ENBF), a new non-profit organisation which, thanks to its expertise and knowledge, is supporting the research. Mr. Brero particularly explained the two main activities currently undertaken by the ENBF: the monitoring of the CE Marking deployment all over Europe and the advocacy towards the railway sector in order to consider the noise barrier as a part of the railway infrastructure and thus responding to precise standards and regulations.

Before the Workshop ended, an interesting debate took place. Industry representatives asked more information about the database and use of the data. Moreover, they expressed their interest in  sustainability because it  is a new concept  in the NRDs sector. it is appreciated that it is difficult for the representatives of this industry to start implementing sustainability principles without guidance and support from the QUIESST partners.


QUIESST 1st Workshop - General Presentation

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QUIESST 1st Workshop - ENBF